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Annual Opening Celebration

Time: 2016-02-18 17:26:38     


         Feb. 18st, 2016 daytime, We Guangdong Sky Bright Group held an annual opening celebration in office. Our President Tony and G.M. Hugo lead all the people express the best wishes to all of our customers, suppliers, friends and their families. We will keep our courage and belief, overcome all the difficulties and try our best to provide the most valuable services.

        Wow oh, yummy!!!!!!!!

        We are here!!!!!!!! Cheer!!!!!!!!!!

        We had a celebration party at night in hotel. Everyone was excited to get to the hotel.

        Representatives of winning teams were presented the trophies in TCS competition.

        10-year employees were received their award of long term service.

        Outstanding employees in year 2015 were received their award. Can you guess who I am? Aha…

        The most excited program-----lottery draw.

        All of us spent a wonderful time tonight. We will have a dream tonight and we will have a fight tomorrow and year 2016.